Desk On Demand – Hosted Virtual Desktop

Unlike traditional PCs, Desk On Demand desktops are not tied to the physical computer. Instead, they reside in your cloud and end-users can access their Desk On Demand desktop when needed. VMware View with PCoIP powers our solution and delivers the richest, most flexible and adaptive experience for end-users around the world in a variety of network conditions. Business happens everywhere and whether online or offline, basic or 3D applications, LAN or WAN, VMware View delivers maximum workplace productivity.

Flexible End-User Access. A Desktop that Works Where I Do

The Desk On Demand powered by VMware View Client allows you to use existing Windows, Mac or Linux based laptops or desktops, thin clients, zero clients or mobile devices to access your virtual desktop from the home or office. VMware supports a wide variety of third-party thin client and zero client devices. For a complete list of supported thin and zero client devices, please refer to the VMware View Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)

Offline Capability

Desk On Demand powered by VMware View Client with Local Mode enables productivity for mobile and offline end-users while leveraging the centralized provisioning and policy control for IT. Simply download an encrypted virtual desktop onto the local client device where the operating system, applications and data can be securely accessed with or without a network connection. Any changes can be synchronized back to the datacenter when back on the network.

New Devices

Take your desktop on the go with the VMware View Client for iPad or Android and leverage the high performance VMware View with PCoIP display protocol on your tablet across the LAN, WAN or 3G. Integration with the VMware View Security Server ensures simple and secure access for end-users.



  • VMWare View Media Services for 3D Graphics enables basic 3D applications like Windows Aero, Office 2010 or those requiring OpenGL or DirectX in View desktops without the need for specialized graphics cards or client devices. (Requires vSphere 5 or later as the platform.)
  • VMWare View Media Services for Integrated Unified Communications enables an integrated VOIP and View desktop experience for the end-user with an architecture to provide optimized performance for both the desktop and unified communication.
  • VMWare View Persona Management (View Premier editions only) dynamically associates a user persona to stateless floating desktops. IT administrators can streamline migration from physical to stateless virtual desktops while preserving user settings.
  • VMWare vSphere 5 support ensures that Desk On Demand Vmware View desktop services run on the industry’s most complete and robust cloud infrastructure platform for flexible, reliable IT services.
  • PCoIP Optimization Controls deliver protocol efficiency and enables IT administrators to configure the bandwidth settings by use case, user or network requirements to consume up to 75% less bandwidth.
  • PCoIP Continuity Services deliver a seamless end-user experience regardless of network reliability by detecting interruptions and automatically reconnecting the session.

New Feature!

NewVMware View Clients with PCoIP support for Mac OS X and Linux based desktops and laptops

Certified Clients

VMware View supports by a wide array of partner certified thin clients and zero clients. These certified clients range from having a full operating system to no operating system installed providing a varying degree of capability and impact to the total cost of ownership for IT.


VMware Desktop Clients - Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu Linux

VMware View Client is supported on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu Linux desktops and laptops. ?Visit the View Clients download page to get your clients.


Mobile Clients - iOS and Android

VMware View enables your users to securely access their data, applications and desktops mobile devices. Capabilities such as native iPad and Android gestures, customized trackpad and keyboard are available for a richer end-user experience.