High Availability Features

Arcserve UDP not only leverages local and virtual remote standby capabilities that can provide a shorter RPO and RTO than traditional backup technologies, but also provides a sophisticated high availability solution for both virtual and physical systems.

Migration capabilities

Migrations often offer operational challenges and complexity in execution. With Arcserve UDP and its high availability and hypervisor support capabilities, many permutations are available whether you are conducting migrations in house or as a service provider. Among the supported topologies and migration use case are:

  • Physical System to Physical System (P2P)
  • Physical to Virtual (P2V)
  • Virtual to Physical (V2)
  • Virtual to Virtual (V2V) including cross-hypervisor migrations. This capability allows users to easily migrate a system from one supported hypervisor to another.

Full System High Availability

  • Integrated with Arcserve UDP Console
  • Protects Windows and Linux Full Systems (OS, Apps, Data)
  • Continuous full system replication enables near-instant recovery of an entire system including business applications, files & data
  • Automated DR testing and/or push button fail-over, fail-back
  • WAN optimized replication & offline sync, for remote sites
  • Extensive migration capabilities (see above)
  • Supports DAS, SAN, NAS & cloud storage

Additional Features

  • Protection of non-Windows VMs
  • Backup of powered off VMs / Single Pass backup with UAC enabled
  • vDS VLAN
  • Protection of VM with Snapshot

Full System High Availability/Failover

Focus Feature: Assured Recovery

Arcserve UDP uniquely provides capabilities to test and measure your RPO and RTOs through a set of automated and non-disruptive features. Instead of objectives, you can now actively manage your infrastructure with actual numbers: assured recovery metrics.

  • Enables automated disaster recovery testing of business-critical systems, applications and data, on a separate, replica server
  • Non-disruptive process avoids business downtime and impact to production systems
  • Recovery testing can be fully automated, or performed on a scheduled basis, as needed
  • Assured Recovery reporting provides evidence of system recoverability for compliance auditor

Local and remote virtual standby

With Arcserve UDP you can enhance your RPO and RTO locally or over distance:

  • Periodic, image-based system, application & data protection for Windows Servers & VMs
  • Replication to remote location (remote office, DR site, MSP & Cloud)
  • Recovery point conversion into VHD or VMDK formats at the remote site to a virtual server
  • Register with Hypervisor
  • Server Heartbeat Monitoring
  • Manual failover to remote resources

Local & Remote Virtual Standby with RPS