Top 10 Reasons to Get Azure for Your Business

Still wondering what the hype is about and whether you should get Azure for your company? Read on as we discuss the top 10 reasons to get Azure, the Microsoft cloud computing service that will change the way your company works. Microsoft Azure is fast, efficient and agile. It has international reach and is superbly flexible. It is compliant, can be deployed anywhere, and is compatible with various systems. Consider these benefits and you’ll understand why you should get Azure for your company sooner rather than later:

  • Lightning Speed

    In today’s digital world, businesses rely on processing speed, and Azure provides it in every possible way. Deployment and operation are rapid, and it is scalable to fit many processing needs.

  • Flexible and Agile

    With Microsoft Azure, companies don’t have to be concerned about errors in their applications. They can develop and test them, get the required feedback, and redevelop applications using various technologies. If they try a feature and don’t like it or find that it doesn’t suit them, they can change their choice without expensive infrastructure outlay, making it possible to get more done quicker and with more flexibility.

  • International Reach

    Microsoft Azure is global, so businesses have the benefit of their data in the cloud and use the computing services wherever they are. Add to that Azure’s service level agreements and excellent guaranteed uptime of 99,95%.

  • Superb Integration

    Having an integrated development environment is important for developers and Visual Studio is the leader in this respect. Even firms that still make use of Excel for critical processes can use Azure to expand Excel’s capabilities. Integration testing, source control, and go-live tools are all part of Azure.

  • Quick and Effective Recovery from Disasters

    Whenever data is transferred, especially across the globe, there is a risk. With Azure’s built-in fail-over and other disaster-recovery features, the risk of data corruption, breaches, or loss is eliminated. In addition, features such as rolling reboot capacity and standby models make Azure the definitive fail-safe storage solution.

  • Scale Up When Needed

    Businesses don’t have the same data usage, storage, reporting, communication, and processing needs throughout the month. Near the end of the month, businesses may need more frequent SQL reports. They can scale up just by selecting the option. This flexibility, without the need for large infrastructure changes, is cost-effective and befits a modern business world where speed and scalability are important in staying competitive. Companies benefit from the pay-as-you-go pricing model. With this, the companies only pay for what they need and use. If they need to make use of more services, space, or processing power in the cloud, they change their selection and pay accordingly. It is thus easy to stay in control of the IT budget.

  • Cost Savings

    Rather than having a huge IT infrastructure that requires maintenance and additional support, Azure enables companies to save money associated with such an IT infrastructure with the cloud computing offering of Microsoft Azure. Indeed, more than 600 services are offered, of which companies can select what they need.

  • Excellent Security

    Multi-level authentication, password-based access, seamless login features, and Azure Single Sign-on features for users in organisations are among the security features. With Microsoft Azure, company data is secure, but still easily accessible to authorised personnel.

  • Compliance

    Companies in the financial sector, like auditing firms and the finance divisions of organisations, all benefit from Azure already being compliant.

  • Business Intelligence Support

    With NoSQL and SQL data services available, which include built-in support for analytics, business decision-making can be faster and more accurate. It is possible to use the Apache Hadoop service for building clusters, which enables in-depth data analysis. Microsoft is a well-known brand with a proven track record for tools that work, including their search engine and Skype. Microsoft is considered an industry leader and users trust the brand. Azure is one of their best products to date and Microsoft has shown that it can adapt to the cloud-based business data environment.

Where to Get Azure

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