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As cloud computing becomes more pervasive, the value provided by channel partners is really around consulting, customization and integration. The channel's real value is understanding their customers' needs.

What does Connect with Customers mean?

Winning customers today means getting and staying connected. Understanding your customers’ needs and challenges and then interacting with them in a meaningful, consistent way based on that knowledge allows you to stand apart from your competitors and build relationships that last. Tarsus Cloud on Demand will support you with this.

What can you imagine for your business?

  • Having more time to spend with my customers.
  • Using information to understand the customers.
  • Making smart, data-driven business decisions.
  • Sharing the information with the entire team.
  • And all of this provides a great customer experience.

Connecting with customers

Do you know your customers as well as your competitors do? Data can make the difference when it comes to winning customers and keeping them. And once you know more about your customers, you can use that information to develop a regular strategy for reaching out and building meaningful, profitable relationships.

Get into their heads and stay in their hearts.

Microsoft offers a seamless, connected set of tools and devices for gaining customer and business insights, building and maintaining relationships, and winning sales. With Microsoft, it’s about unlocking functionality from the familiar tools you already have. From understanding customer needs and preferences, to maintaining ongoing relationships with them, to making smart data-driven decisions and delivering great customer experiences, you have everything you need to connect with customers and keep them for the long-term.

How to connect with customers


Gain deeper customer insights

Access and combine data using Excel in Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and Power BI sites to better understand customer needs and preferences.


Build lasting relationships

Connect with customers from anywhere using Skype for Business, Outlook in Office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Use Yammer and familiar social experiences within Office 365 to create a community with partners and customers.


Unify sales, service & marketing

Discuss contacts and opportunities, and cases in real-time using Yammer in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Collaborate and control document access and data management from OneDrive for Business.


Empower your team with insights & tools

Create and share information everyone needs by using Excel, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and cloud-based Power BI sites. Provide mobile access to tools that enable your team to get more done in one customer visit.


Use data to inform smart decisions

Get a better picture of your business and customers. Use rich visualizations and dashboards using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, and Power BI sites.


Reach your goals

Use role-specific business processes, part of Dynamics CRM Online, to help your sales, marketing, and service roles stay on track. Share best practices and the familiar Office interface to help keep your team focused.


Personalise interactions

Share knowledge to understand customers’ history and create content that matters to them. Use Windows apps, such as virtual product tours tailored for your business, to drive sales.


Focus on customers, not paperwork

Shorten the sales cycle by having the forms and information you need right at hand. Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to automate repetitive processes and Skype for Business to reach team members and customer questions in real time.

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