What Microsoft Azure Is and Why Your Company Should Be Using It

Microsoft Azure is a Microsoft cloud computing service which enables the building, deploying, and managing of services through a network of data centres managed by Microsoft. It provides a platform for service, as well as the infrastructure for it, in addition to providing the software. Azure supports various tools, programming languages and systems, whether these are Microsoft-based or third-party systems or software.

With a host of services offered, Microsoft Azure has certainly embraced the cloud environment and has thus ensured the relevancy of Microsoft in the digital age. Azure makes it possible to launch virtual Windows or Linux machines, develop sites using, for instance, Node.js or PHP because of the hosting service offered. These sites can be uploaded through special user-friendly portals, or can be deployed using, for instance, Git or FTP. It is also possible to deploy WebJobs to a Web App, enabling background processing functionality.

Microsoft Azure has made it possible to use a specialised app for the development and distribution of mobile apps, while user behaviour analytics can be collected in real time with the Mobile Engagement technology. Equally impressive is the range of storage services and applications. Table Service makes it possible to store structured text in specific portioned collections, Queue Service enables asynchronous communication by message through a queue system, and Storage Services enable storage and accessing and retrieving of data in the virtual world. With Azure Search, it is possible to do text searches and StorSimple enables management of storage tasks between cloud storage and on-site devices. The SQL DataWarehouse service can handle data-intensive queries.

Analytics, content protection, streaming, and encoding are possible with the PaaS service. With Azure Automation, it is possible to automate the manual repetitive tasks normally performed in enterprise and cloud environments. This is an especially useful feature, as it saves time and increases accuracy of repetitive administrative work. Microsoft Azure is the answer for businesses that have to do their computing in the cloud environment. Gartner recently recognised Microsoft as a leader in cloud infrastructure development and service provision for their Azure service.

What makes Microsoft Azure so popular for businesses?

One of the features of Microsoft Azure is the high availability of data centres across the world. Companies benefit from the service level agreement that guarantees 99,95% uptime. Another feature to consider is the high-level security. The Azure platform – and the users of it – are well protected against cyber threats, providing a very secure cloud environment, which is important in a world where data communication is under constant threat. Multi-level protection is in place, while the services are still user-friendly, even with multi-factor authentication in place.

Azure is also exceptionally scalable, which is an important requirement for any service provider in the cloud. A company may, for instance, only require limited computing power for their SQL reports for two thirds of the month, but during the last few days, they may need to scale up for more reports. It is easy, with Azure only requiring this feature to be selected with no effect on efficiency. Of course, a service can be as effective, scalable, secure, and usable as one can wish for, but if it is not cost-effective, the business needs to look at alternatives. With Microsoft Azure’s pay-as-you-go pricing model, it is possible for the company to effectively manage its cloud and IT costs. The company only pays for what it needs. In addition, the ability to save on infrastructure costs related to hardware and IT management and support makes Azure an even more attractive solution for modern businesses.

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Global. Trusted. Hybrid.

This is the cloud on your terms

What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy, and manage applications through our global network of datacenters. With Azure, you get the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want, using the tools, applications, and frameworks of your choice.

Deploy anywhere with your choice of tools

Choose how you deploy Azure—connecting cloud and on-premises with consistent hybrid cloud capabilities and using open source technologies—for maximum portability and value from your existing investments.

Build your apps, your way

Use the tools and open source technologies you already know and trust, because Azure supports a broad selection of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases, and devices.

Extend on-premises data and apps

Azure offers hybrid consistency everywhere: in application development, management and security, identity management, and across the data platform.

Deploy the cloud on-premises

Bring Azure capabilities to your datacenter with Azure Stack. Leverage the Azure portal, PowerShell, and DevOps tools experience and app model across the cloud and on-premises.

40 Azure regions, more than any cloud provider

Map of available regions

Protect your business with the most trusted cloud

Ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies trust the Microsoft Cloud, and so can you. Azure helps protect your assets through a rigorous methodology and focus on security, privacy, compliance, and transparency.

Achieve global scale, in local regions

Extend your global reach with the cloud service that offers more countries and regions than any other provider. Azure runs on a worldwide network of Microsoft-managed datacenters across 40 announced regions.


Detect and mitigate threats

Get a central view of all your Azure resources. Azure Security Center helps you prevent, detect, and respond to threats with increased visibility and control over the security of all your Azure resources.

Rely on the most trusted cloud

Trust the cloud that offers the most comprehensive compliance coverage with 50 compliance offerings. Azure has been recognized as the most trusted cloud for U.S. government institutions, including a FedRAMP High authorization that covers 18 Azure services.