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As cloud computing becomes more pervasive, the value provided by channel partners is really around consulting, customization and integration. The channel's real value is understanding their customers' needs.

What is a modern business?

For small and medium size businesses, technology can make the difference in driving the company ahead which sets them apart from their competitors, whatever size they may be.

The modern business stays ahead of the rest by making technology a business advantage. According to a study by Boston Consulting Group, technology leaders far outperform their peers in the marketplace, creating jobs almost twice as fast as other small businesses and growing revenue 15 percent faster annually.

This is why Tarsus Cloud on Demand now offers you the opportunity to transform your business. To help you find the solutions to your business problems. With the help of Office 365 you can grow efficiently, connect with your customers, safeguard your business and conduct business anywhere.

What keeps you up at night?

  • Is your data backed up?
  • Can your employees work together from anywhere?
  • Can you easily add new employees and the tools they need?
  • Are you prepared for unexpected downtime?
  • Are you buying more storage again?
  • Are your mobile devices protected?
  • Do your competitors know your customers better than you do?

Your path to modern business

Technology can be a major differentiator for your business. But it can seem daunting when you look across your IT - from servers to the cloud, PCs to mobile devices - to know where to start, and how you can transition from what you have now to your new vision.

This is where Tarsus Cloud on Demand and solutions from Microsoft provide something different - offering a unique approach for making the benefits of modern technology a reality for small businesses.

With Tarsus Cloud on Demand and Microsoft, you can choose your own path to modern, with flexible, familiar, and trusted solutions for your business - whether by growing with greater efficiency, protecting your data, or empowering your mobile workforce.

Are you a modern business? Chart your own path to modern, with solutions from Tarsus Cloud on Demand and Microsoft designed to address your business needs.

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8 ways you can use technology as a differentiator

Adapt to change

Move to a modern IT platform that enables you to adapt quickly to changing business needs and move faster than your competitors.

Get the most out of your technology

Get more from the servers that run your business applications, leverage the speed and flexibility of the cloud, and get the most out of PCs and devices used by your employees.

Get your work done anywhere

Across PCs and devices, get to the files and applications you need to do your job and be productive wherever you are.

Work together easily

Work together anywhere, with the same familiar experience across PCs and mobile devices.

Protect and control your data

Count on built-in protection at every level of your IT, from the server to PCs and mobile devices.

Be prepared for the unexpected

Have the peace of mind that your systems are up and running - and that you’re open for business - even if the unexpected happens.

Understand your customer

Use data as a competitive advantage - to help you understand your customers and connect with them on their terms.

Increase your sales

Build and maintain customer relationships by engaging them with the help of the familiar tools you already know.