What is a Resource Reservation Pool?

Resource Reservation Pools are computing assets (CPU, RAM, and Disk) that are allocated to a Virtual Data Center. Tarsus On Demand assigns VMWare virtualization computing resources to each customer's Virtual Data Center based on their selection in the order process. The reservation pool is made available to the IT administrator via the vCloud Director to self-provision virtual machines as required.

Can I over-provision Virtual Machines against the total amount of computing (CPU and RAM) in my allotted pool (quota)?

Yes, IT Administrators have full control over the use of computing resources within their pool. There are no limitations on the density ratios (virtual machines-to-vCPU/RAM), however, you cannot over-provision hard disk. Tarsus On Demand utilizes thick-provisioning standards on the platform for all storage resources. Virtual Data Center customers have the ability to over-subscribe their own resources up to the maximum amount of disk available in their purchased quota.

How do I self-provision Virtual Machines within my Virtual Data Center?

Self-Provisioning virtual machines and computing resources within the Virtual Data Center are facilitated via the vCloud Director. All Virtual Data Center customers are provided access to the provisioning portal during the initial provisioning process. Virtual Machines can be created, tuned, and adjusted via the portal along with console access, utilization, and many other features.

How do I configure CPU, RAM, and Disk for a new machine?

For new machines, CPU and RAM is selected within the provisioning template in vCloud Director. For existing Virtual Machines, hot-adds for CPU and RAM and can be controlled within the "Virtual Machines" section in vCloud Director.

Can I import my own templates?

Yes, if templates currently exist in an on-premise VMWare virtualization environment they can be imported into the vCloud Director and made available for your use with the Virtual Data Center environment.

Can I clone an existing Virtual Machine?

The vCloud Director provides multiple role-driven login capabilities with different rights within the Virtual Data Center to view, make changes, console, control machine state, and many other functions. Super-Administrators can have the ability to clone virtual machines if designated.

Can I add vCPU to my virtual machine through the portal?

Yes, processing resources can be added to Virtual Machines within the vCloud Director. This function can be performed on new machines being created or on existing machines that require additional resources. The vCloud Director supports hot-adds for immediate changes to Virtual Machines.

How long will it take for a new machine to provision?

New Virtual Machines that are self-provisioned through the vCloud Director become available for console access within 30 minutes.

How do I access my Virtual Machine?

Console access is available through the vCloud Director for each Virtual Machine within the Virtual Data Center environment.