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Migrating your business from one that only sells hardware, software and service to your customers in a ‘once-off’ fashion, to one that focuses on the cloud and its accompanying annuity-based revenue streams is a fantastic way to future-proof your business.

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The cloud presents a great opportunity for partners to build an annuity revenue stream on top of their existing client base. The host of benefits that customers and partners can enjoy once they migrate provide even more incentive to make the move.

For the partner these include:

  • Offering flexibility to customers’ IT environments through:
    Provisioning & de-provisioning licenses to Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Business Central Adding or removing resource to entire environments in the Azure cloud.
  • Layering complementary solutions onto these products, adding value and boosting revenue:
    Assist customers in developing a cloud strategy, assessing their current environment and needs
    Long-term management of that environment and third-party cloud solutions that enhance customers’ IT environments.
  • The ability to scale up to meet client and market demand:
    Maximising the cloud’s on-demand resources to increase performance levels and unlock new capabilities.
  • Shifting customers’ from capital expenditure (CAPEX) to operational expenditure (OPEX):
    Eliminating the need to invest budget in infrastructure and ensuring customers can use the most current technology

Besides ¬†these bottom line benefits, the cloud gives partners and their customers the opportunity to plot a long-term course and smooth the investment required. And since the customer’s entire cloud ecosystem can be managed through Tarsus on Demand’s single, powerful and easy to use CloudBlue platform, customers can maintain control over their environment while their partners assist where necessary.