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Protecting businesses against IT infrastructure outages is of paramount importance in 2018, because server availability in this day and age literally means money – either into, or out of, your pocket. This is where Arcserve comes in.

Ensuring servers remain available insofar as it is humanly possible is what disaster recovery (DR) is all about, and having a DR strategy in place is essential for any business interested in avoiding the brand and reputation damage that outages cause.

DR vs Backup

Disaster recovery comprises the recovery measures put in place that ensure business continuity even in the face of mission-critical IT infrastructure failure. Backups, on the other hand, are just copies of important data duplicated to an off-site location, which can be easily accessed and restored should something happen to the original.

Arcserve’s Dependable Data Availability

Some businesses can withstand a small amount of downtime due to the nature of what they produce, but to others, 24/7 availability of their transactional systems is non-negotiable.

With Arcserve, businesses can choose the level of data protection for their systems that’s right for them, and get anything from almost-instant disaster recovery to DR that’s not as quick, but more affordable.

Arcserve also offers enterprise-grade data protection, without the complexity of enterprise solutions – ideal for smaller organisations.

Arcserve UDP Recovery Times

  • Critical Systems | Seconds

  • Vital Systems | Minutes

  • Basic Systems | Hours

  • Data Repository | Long-term

Why get Arcserve from Tarsus on Demand?

Tarsus on Demand is the only African distributor of Arcserve’s UDP service. We have an in-house team of disaster recovery experts who are ready assist with any and all DR-related needs, but with special focus on Arcserve UDP. We help our partners to evaluate their clients’ needs, we can assist them when it comes to planning deployments, and even in rolling solutions out.

We operate UDP on a Managed Services Provider model, which helps to keep costs down. And while businesses can get Arcserve UDP directly from Arcserve, they won’t get the reporting, latest updates, local expert assistance, and support that Tarsus On Demand provides.

Benefits of Arcserve via Tarsus on Demand

  • World-class disaster recovery

  • Switches over to working tin without you even noticing

  • Backups to any cloud, including Tarsus on Demand’s VDC

  • Hardware-agnostic

  • Planning, evaluating and deployment assistance

  • DR experts on hand to answer all queries

  • Tarsus on Demand is Africa’s only Arcserve UDP distributor

  • MSP model

Arcserve’s Awards

  •’s Editor’s Choice for Best Cloud Backup Services for Businesses

  • ITPro’s RECOMMENDED stamp of approval given to the Arcserve UDP 8100 Appliance

  • Cloudhosting Awards 2016 winner in the Disaster Recovery Product category

  • Arcserve won the 2017 Star Tribune Top Workplaces award

  • Arcserve won Innovation in Cybersecurity for Disaster Recovery at the Minnesota’s 2017 Tekne Awards

  • See the full list of 30 awards at the official Arcserve website.

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