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Many customers have already invested in Microsoft Office 365 and are using the various features to boost their productivity and potential. However, this is only scratching the surface of what can be achieved with Microsoft’s bouquet of services and the abilities embedded into Azure.

Extend your cloud practice by adding Azure today.

Azure is one of the most talked-about platforms in the world right now, and with figures like these it’s easy to see why. Eighty percent of customers have already invested in Microsoft Office 365, which automatically gives them access to Azure’s Active Directory.

Moving to Azure is more appealing than ever, with the recent local launch of the Microsoft Azure datacentres in Cape Town and Johannesburg. This not only offers users reduced latency, but presents the benefit of being able to keep valuable data inside the country, while remaining complaint.

For the partner, this presents an opportunity to  expand client investment into a comprehensive Azure portfolio by assisting end-users to maximise the existing cloud capabilities available to them.

With Tarsus on Demand, the move to the cloud can be easily managed. We’re currently running an unbelievable migration offer which includes FREE consulting, strategy and the physical migration of servers and storage to the Azure cloud, making migrating your clients easier than ever.

Orchestrating this move from on-premise to Azure also creates the opportunity to grow your own business, alongside your cloud capabilities. The Azure consumption-based model is both flexible and manageable, which allows you to expand your offering, while providing your end-user with a tangible cost benefit. Microsoft Azure not only supports enterprise adherence to POPIA and GDPR, but it also takes the pressure off when it comes to ensuring that your business is compliant with data regulations.

With organisations prioritising the optimisation of cloud use, now is the perfect time for partners to support client investment into Azure and helping them build a solid foundation in the cloud.