If you are a Veeam specialist who is skilled in maintaining physical and virtual infrastructures for virtual datacentres (vDC) and associated services, then this might be the job for you. 

As a proactive and strategic thinker with a clear understanding of technical challenges, you will be the ultimate custodian of the hardware experience and of hardware support provided by Tarsus on Demand to Partners, making sure that all services function seamlessly and that the integrity of the offering is always maintained.  You will manage all data ingestion and exgestion for the datacentre and ensure that no security incidents impact service delivery. 


Your vDC, VMWare, and Veeam technical skills coupled with your understanding of advancements in backup and restore functionalities will make you a subject matter expert who provides guidance to Partners and colleagues on the full range of datacentre and backup service matters.  You will manage and maintain customer server backups and restores, balancing client urgencies with ongoing operational requirements, and you will also oversee all vDC support escalations and implementations.  By ensuring that the right communication and training are in place, you will enable first-line support teams and clients to identify and solve many basic issues themselves.  Ultimately, you will be acknowledged as a highly efficient troubleshooter who is the go-to person for datacentre and backup solutions. 


If you truly appreciate and understand client challenges and can see yourself as a trusted guide to the Chief Technology Officer, Business Development, and Product Managers, as well as a valuable mentor to First Line support, please apply. 


  • 5+ years’ experience in backups, restorations, and server management
  • Experience in hardware and backup essential
  • Vendor support and vDC experience
  • Proven expertise in Windows and Linux servers
  • Established VMWare technical specialist
  • Veeam backup and restore experience
  • Comfortable designing and using proof of concept and basic technical design documents
  • Understands data architecture principles and methodology
  • Based in JHB

Work from Home Technical Requirements (if and when applicable): 

  • Computer hardware and software will be provided by the company 
  • Applicants must supply their own Internet connectivity 
  • Applicants are responsible for creating a functional workspace at home 


Internet Service Requirements 

  • Internet access provided by a fiber provider 
  • DSL, satellite, and wireless broadband is NOT ideal 
  • Minimum upload speed of 5 MBPS 
  • Minimum download speed of 10 MBPS 


A more comprehensive job description will be available upon application. 

Please note:  The company is under no obligation to fill this position and should you not have had any feedback within 2 weeks after submitting your application, you may consider your application unsuccessful.


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