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While the benefits of leveraging the set-and-forget, pay-for-what-you-use panacea presented by the cloud is undeniably strong, migrating can present a challenge when your business has to connect to the cloud.

Modern businesses need to plan appropriately and select the right connectivity options to ensure their head office is connected seamlessly to their cloud infrastructure, so it works as well (if not better than their on-premise infrastructure did).

Additionally however, they need to take into account accessing both cloud and on-premise workloads seamlessly, ensuring their branch offices are able to carry on working as if nothing changed and leveraging the cloud to enable true anywhere access to critical business applications.

Connect to the cloud:

A key element of ensuring your cloud deployment is successful is by specifying and configuring your backbone link to your cloud so that it is able to deliver the performance level your employees would expect from an on-premise solution.

User numbers, the criticality of the workload and peak performance metrics are taken into account in order to select the correct connectivity solution. Uptime and availability can additionally be bolstered by redundant routes – all procured through Tarsus on Demand’s relationships with Vodacom and BitCo – two of South Africa’s top tier telco/ISPs.

connect to the cloudRealising the hybrid cloud opportunity:

The next port of call is to interrogate what your needs are in terms of hybrid cloud.

This is slightly more complex than ensuring solid, reliable and performance driven connectivity to the cloud.

Network architectures need to be configured to ensure server-to-server communication (on-premise and cloud) is facilitated and that this is exposed to the business in a truly seamless fashion.

Security also needs to be baked in from the word go, to ensure that critical, company confidential information is kept safe from rogue access and in chasing the opportunity that cloud presents, no chinks in the company’s armour are exposed.

Lastly, cost considerations need to be made to ensure in the same way cloud is designed to offer economies of scale and cost savings, so the accompanying connectivity does the same.

Not just about head office connectivity:

With the head-office to cloud connectivity dealt with, the business needs to consider its branch office infrastructure and mobile workforce.

This is generally a great opportunity for cost savings and performance improvement, particularly if your company had its branch office infrastructure and mobile workforce connecting to the head office’s on-premise infrastructure.

By again leaning on its top-tier relationships with two of South Africa’s leading telco/ISP players, Tarsus on Demand and its partners can reconfigure connectivity for direct access to cloud resources – delivering cost savings and improvements in performance – all delivered with security in mind.

Done correctly, the right connectivity can be a strong catalyst for growth for any business.

Get some help:

While there’s a vast array of options available, they can be quite confusing (and there’s some overlap between the different options). That’s why Tarsus on Demand is here. We’ve not only aggregated the top solutions in the market we’ve got the skills to back it too.

And there’s a host of specialized partners waiting in the wings to assist with your needs.

Take a closer look at our Connectivity portfolio or reach out to us and we’ll get back to you soonest.