Every business needs backups of their data in case the worst happens. The option to restore it has to be within easy reach and fast, too, not to mention as painless and affordable as possible.

And that’s where Druva comes in. Backing up endpoint snapshots to the cloud and restoring them from a central command console should the worst happen is essential in 2018, which is exactly what Druva does.

Manageable costs, unlimited storage

For a monthly subscription per device (and volume discounts for qualifying parties), businesses can back up their endpoints to the cloud, set their backup intervals and be done, confident in the knowledge that their subscription buys them unlimited storage, all the data loss protection they need, and the ability to quickly recover from any disaster.

Central Command

Druva’s centralised console provides an overview of every machine in your organisation, as well as access to all of the DR tools you could need. Cutting-edge deduplication technologies and advanced compression algorithms ensure that you won’t pay for unnecessary storage space, too.

Restoring backups is as easy as logging into a URL with the Druva credentials for a specific PC and allowing the automated restore process to run.

Backup is not disaster recovery

Druva isn’t, however, a disaster recovery solution in the strictest sense as Druva only concerns itself with the backing up of your critical systems to a remote location, the cloud, and restoring it when needed. Disaster recovery is more about putting means in place for switching over to functioning infrastructure if yours goes down, and getting your business back up and running after some sort of failure. Backing up, meanwhile, is more about ensuring a copy of your data is duplicated and stored somewhere else.

The target audience

Druva is an excellent backup solution for organisations as small as ten people, and as big as the biggest enterprises with thousands of users.

Exclusivity and Partner Benefits

Tarsus on Demand is the exclusive distributor for Druva in South Africa. If you have ten or more users you’d like to support with cloud backups, come talk to us, we’re positive we can help you out.

Not only can we give you access to Druva’s world-class backup functions, but we provide local support services for any issues a partner might run into, and we offer SLAs that can be customised to partners’ clients’ exact requirements.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we can help our partners evaluate their customers’ needs, plan the Druva deployment on a case-by-case basis, and even help to manage it if the end-user organisation qualifies.

Benefits of Druva via Tarsus on Demand

  • Endpoint cloud-based snapshot backup

  • Scales from ten users to thousands

  • Unlimited storage

  • Pay per device

  • Manageable monthly fees

  • Centralised control

  • Local support provided by Tarsus on Demand

  • Planning and deployment assistance available

  • Supports Mac OS X 10.9 and later, and Windows 7 and later