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Switching from on-prem email and storage to services located in the cloud can be a complicated, complex task that has many moving parts, all of which need to be accounted for before the migration can be called a success.

And that’s why BitTitan exists: it’s an Azure-only migration tool that looks at a business’s on-prem infrastructure and performs certain migrations automatically.

Plan the Move

Migrating to Office 365 is always BitTitan’s target as it’s an Azure-only tool, and it can do so from most popular office infrastructure resources like Exchange, SharePoint, Google, and Yahoo Mail. It can also help in the move from on-prem OneDrive to OneDrive resources hosted in Azure. For those moves BitTitan can’t automate, it offers analysis, charts, and reports that can help IT plan the move to cloud better by indicating what sort of resources will be required to maintain current functionality, along with costing estimates.

Deployment Pro

In addition to migrating physical servers into Azure, BitTitan can evaluate every PC within an organisation using a feature called Deployment Pro, which picks up email rules and address books and automatically migrates those across as well.

HealthCheck for Azure Infrastructure Assessment

The start of any journey to the cloud is an objective evaluation of the organisation’s cloud readiness, and that’s where BitTitan’s “HealthCheck for Azure” comes into play. It’s a tool that examines the organisation’s server infrastructure using agents; these agents observe the organisation’s overall server activity (including physical and virtual servers) for a period of 14 days, after which they generate reports that include things like average CPU usage, the amount of storage in use, network utilisation, and other vital workload mapping statistics.

In-depth reporting

These detailed, in-depth reports give admins an idea of what their Azure migrations need to look like to handle the organisation’s existing workload. They can also indicate where and how physical resources are being under- or over-utilised, which in turn helps to refine the organisation’s Azure migration strategy by “rightsizing” the configuration, which impacts positively on costs.


Ultimately, BitTitan does the analysis that saves organisations time and money on engineering hours and makes migrating to Azure far easier – and faster – than doing it manually would be.

Why get BitTitan from Tarsus on Demand?

BitTitan through Tarsus on Demand offers a predictable migration path from on-prem, platform-agnostic solutions to Office 365, using a cutting-edge Microsoft-certified tool with an excellent track record. Better yet, at a price lower than the retail cost of buying directly from BitTitan.

By choosing BitTitan through Tarsus on Demand, partners not only get the ability to offer their customers cutting-edge migration assistance that dramatically simplifies the move to Office 365, they also get the support and backup services of Tarsus on Demand’s team of Azure, Office, and BitTitan experts.

Benefits of BitTitan via Tarsus on Demand

  • Performs helpful analysis of existing on-prem infrastructure

  • Automatic migration of OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, Google, Yahoo! Mail and other on-prem solutions to Azure

  • Reports on the appropriate Azure resources to spin up for migrations it can’t do automatically

  • Helps to accurately estimate costs

  • Moves rules and address books across to Azure automatically

  • South Africa-based support

  • Allows for cost rightsizing wherever possible

  • Cheaper than going direct

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