Connectivity for businesses caters for very different needs to those of the average consumer. Businesses need stability, reliability, and world-class SLAs should anything go wrong, and those are almost more important than the size of the pipe. Almost.

This is why Tarsus on Demand has partnered with one of the country’s biggest tier 1 service providers, Vodacom: to offer enterprise-grade connectivity to its partners, and to allow our partners to claim the competencies we get from our vendors as their own for bigger jobs.

Vodacom’s extensive countrywide network incorporates cutting-edge network design and technologies. It uses a healthy mix of wired and wireless connections to deliver unparalleled network performance anywhere it’s needed, from the datacentre to the cloud.

Vodacom’s VoIP solutions are also on the table, from ones that offer up to 30% savings over traditional phone calls to PBX solutions hosted in the cloud.

Vodacom also takes care of those all-important last-mile connections to keep businesses hooked into on the internet, and thus offers end-to-end connectivity that can suit any large business’s requirements.

With Vodacom onboard, Tarsus on Demand gives partners the opportunity to hook their clients up with Vodacom’s world-class connectivity and sell their own network support services on top of it.

Why Vodacom through Tarsus on Demand?

Our partnership with Vodacom enables our partners to deal with us but get access to all of Vodacom’s telecoms services.

We know how best to service our partners, and are able to offer them deployment planning and troubleshooting support.

Our wealth of IT knowledge and in-house expertise gives us the relevant insight and skill-set to support our partners in providing the best connectivity services they can to their clients.

We offer:

  • A single point of contact for all connectivity queries

  • World-class end-to-end connectivity

  • Reliable connectivity backed with strong SLAs

  • Access to connectivity solution architects to help scope your connectivity requirements

  • The number one business connectivity network