Welcome to the Tarsus on Demand Partner Program


Welcome to the TOD Partner Program where you will gain knowledge and skills to rule the cloud world and demolish your enemies.
The program is carefully crafted to ensure that you and your team are equipped with the right weapons to conquer the cloud space.

Your Mission

You and your team are required to complete Five Levels and collect Powerful Stones which you assist you to unlock Supernatural
powers to take the throne as Heroes and Heroines of the cloud space. 

Level 1
Welcome to the First Level and the beginning of your journey to unlocking your supernatural powers to rule the cloud world. Your mission is to collect the Topaz Stone and gain access to a wealth of knowledge and other exciting incentives and rewards.

Level 2
On the Second Level, your mission is to collect the Sapphire Stone. You need to continue with training to unlock powerful weapons which will help you conquer your marketing challenges among other great benefits and rewards. 

Level 3
The Third Level is the halfway mark to completing your quest to rule the cloud world. Your mission is to collect the Ruby Stone and unlock great benefits like qualifying for marketing leads and gaining access to deal registration assistance from TOD superheroes. 

Level 4
The Fourth Level is where the journey gets more interesting. Your mission is to collect Emerald Stone and gain massive rewards, incentives, and benefits, like around the clock assistance to 
technical support.

Level 5
The Fifth Level is the last level of your quest to rule the cloud world. Complete the level and you will officially be ready to rule the cloud world. Your mission is to collect the Diamond Stone and 
qualify for higher lead opportunities and faster MQL to SQL transitions among other prodigious 
benefits and rewards. 

How to complete your mission

You must first select an avatar, then complete the first level by collecting the Topaz Stone
Once you have discovered the Topaz Stone you will unlock the path to collecting powerful 
weapons to be used to conquer the battlefields.