Accelerating the growth of Tech startups in partnership with Tarsus On Demand

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Jessica Harvey

Date: February 2021

By: Jessica Harvey, product marketing manager, Tarsus On Demand

22 On Sloane and Tarsus On Demand launch Tech startup support initiative. Tech startups at 22 On Sloane have an exclusive opportunity to gain go-to-market assistance and guidance through the partnership with Tarsus On Demand.


With technology evolving at an exponential rate, there is no doubt that the future looks bright for tech startups.


But it is also evident that while most startups are focusing on getting their business off the ground, sometimes, building and developing successful and feasible product-market fit and marketing strategies tend to take the back seat.

Shaping the future of tomorrow…together

22 on Sloane has announced a partnership with Tarsus on Demand. The 22 on Sloane campus offers startups and innovative SMEs a complete turnkey solution to scale, from the initial idea to commercialization, funding opportunities, and access to markets.

The partnership will allow tech startups to gain guidance and support which ultimately leads to scaling.

Tarsus On Demand and 22 On Sloane both form part of an ecosystem where their goal is to assist tech startups in growing and prospering.


Through the strategic partnership Tarsus On Demand aims to accelerate the growth of startups through tech, go-to-market and marketing assistance and guidance, says Jessica Harvey, Product Marketing Manager at Tarsus On Demand. The biggest focus for us is to assist and ensure that these start-ups have the right product-market fit, before we help take them to market. This means that we match the product offering to the correct audience to gain maximum results when launching the product.

“The partnership aims to create and open sales opportunities. Tech startups will be able to leverage from TOD’s industry expert’s skills and expertise, as well as gain exposure to industry-leading solutions that can assist in growing their business and gaining competitive advantage, says Harvey.


Harvey notes that 22 on Sloane and Tarsus On Demand are dedicated to changing the face of the tech industry and supporting tech startups through every stage of their business life cycle by giving them access to tools and mentorship on demand.


Unlimited growth opportunities

Tech startups from 22 On Sloane are invited to take up the exclusive opportunity to leverage off Tarsus On Demand’s marketing experience which will equip them with various market solutions and create brand awareness for their business.

22 on Sloane and Tarsus On Demand would like to understand more about your journey as a start-up. Please help us by answering a few questions by clicking here .Do not miss out on the opportunity to benefit from the partnership. 

Partner with us at Tarsus On Demand

Tarsus On Demand offers a range of benefits to its partners, such as technical support, access to best-of-breed cloud technologies, and a platform that simplifies cloud management and billing. By partnering with Tarsus On Demand, you can leverage our technical, marketing, and sales expertise, relationships, and resources to grow your cloud business and deliver value to your customers.