Corporate Social Responsibility

At Tarsus On Demand, we hold a profound commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR).Our path is one of inspiration, wholly dedicated to creating a significant positive influence in the world. Currently, our efforts are centred on education and driving profound transformations within our underprivileged communities.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Ditshego logo

Ditshego House of Laughter

Ditshego offers a beacon of hope, love, and joy to children and families largely affected by poverty. In a community filled with undocumented, unemployed individuals with no access to services. The community has no schools, running water, police station, clinic, or formal creches. They provide a haven for the children in the community. They started as a simple place of safety and have transformed throughout the years.

Corporate Social Responsibility - LIV logo

LIV Village Lanseria

LIV started in 1997 when a vision was birthed in the heart of Tich Smith, to build a village for orphan and vulnerable children where they will have a home with a mother who loves them, food to eat, a school to educate them, and where will come to know God as their Father in heaven. Tich also dreamed of creating jobs for individuals in surrounding communities so that they could earn an income and look after their families. LIV’s motto is Rescue a child, Restore a life, Raise a leader and Release a star. Every child deserves a chance to thrive and reach their full potential, and that is what we are committed to here at LIV Village.

Corporate Social Responsibility - GirlCode logo


GirlCode is a registered NPO (158-642) aimed at empowering young girls and women through technology. They believe that the more women get involved with Technology, Design, Development and Leadership, the more successful and diverse companies, and their products will be in the future. Ultimately bridging the gap between digital skills and fostering employability among females in the country.