Change can be daunting, especially technological change that has major impacts on the way you do business. Like moving to the cloud. If you’ve been wondering who could help you in making that transition, talk to us. We know our partners, and we know the cloud, and we have a lot of experience in ensuring the transition to the cloud is smooth and easy.

Jump-start your cloud business

Tarsus On Demand’s professional services capabilities allow you to jump-start your cloud business and draw on a full range of services – from strategy, to architecture to migration and even day-today management – which you can in turn provide to your customers as part of your offering.

And as your skill-set evolves and deepens, so you’re able to transition from drawing on Tarsus On Demand’s services to rendering these services to your customers independently.


Best of breed services on demand

CloudBlue – Our aggregation platform

Having the best cloud-based products and technologies is a great start, but without a forward-thinking approach to managing them, you and your customers will be stuck with the same IT burdens that plagued you in the past.

That’s why Tarsus On Demand’s CloudBlue platform is a revelation. It’s a centralized dashboard and management platform that aggregates all of the products and technologies on offer. In addition, it allows you to do everything from provisioning new services for clients, to managing them, implementing changes and even performing the billing.

CloudBlue is the leading digital and services platform, with world-class automation capabilities that make our partners’ lives so much easier.

We’ve done the heavy lifting

Direct relationships take time to cultivate and come with conditions, like minimum monthly revenue targets, skills that need to be acquired and commitments that partners new to the cloud game aren’t in a position to make.

Tarsus On Demand has done all of this work already and as an aggregator, allows partners’ businesses to hit the ground running with the ability to leverage its relationships as if they were their own.

This allows you to focus on the important things – your customers.

Benefits of doing business
with Tarsus on Demand

Predictable pricing model that eliminates risk

Exclusive access to best-of-breed cloud solution

A local support line in your time zone, in your language

Technical expertise and access to solutions specialists

Delivering the promise of cloud, today

In order for the model to work, the end-user customer needs to be at the centre of the universe. And combining the services on offer with the solutions on offer and wrapping this in Tarsus On Demand’s management platform ensures that the end-user customer is assured of the best solution, the best skills and the best management tools to make the move to cloud – whether it’s a rip and replace or a hybrid approach, risk free and strongly focused on unlocking cost efficiency, increased performance and added value.

Tarsus On Demand has succeeded in creating a channel ecosystem that delivers the promise of cloud, today.


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