I think that enablement is critical for any business, here’s why

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Landie Booyens

Date: March 2021

By: Landie Booyens, Systems Operations Manager, Tarsus On Demand

As part of the Enablement team at Tarsus On Demand, I have often found myself asking the question, what does enablement really mean and why is it important for an organization? 

According to the Cambridge dictionary, enablement is “The process of making someone able to do something, or making something possible.”  

Now, the next question is, why should companies assist with making someone able to do something? 

The rate of change is increasing and with that employees and businesses need to stay relevant. Companies need to ensure that their employees are equipped to adapt to rapid change. By facilitating enablement internally, a business will increase employee morale and inspire a culture of lifelong learning and curiosity.  

Collaboration is key!

Collaboration is core to the concept of enablement. Whether the collaboration is between departments, sharing of ideas, skills, and knowledge, enablement cannot take place without it. 

At Tarsus On Demand, we provided teams from different departments with the opportunity to solve a problem together. Not only did we get potential solutions to our problems, but each member of the group had an opportunity to hear other’s points of view and learn in the process.  

When you enable someone, through the learning of a new skill set or collaboration, you have given them a gift for life. 

It’s a win-win. Employees learn skills and capabilities and the company obviously benefits from the increased quality of outcomes. By increasing your employee’s readiness for change you are already one step ahead of overcoming the impact volatility mahave on your business. 

The result is inevitable, more engaged employees, passionate about the business that takes care of them. 

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