Increase your profitability with Azure

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The way that the channel does business is fundamentally changing. The cloud has created new opportunities to drive profitability and expand into new revenue streams.

In South Africa, the recent arrival of the Microsoft Azure local datacentres in Johannesburg and Cape Town should see a spike in adoption that will allow for the channel to enhance offerings to clients and increase their share of customer wallets.

But for many, the cost and cost-benefits of Azure remain vague at best. In a recent analysis of the cost-benefits and profitability of Azure, Jen Sieger, a Senior Business Strategy Analyst, WPG, pointed out that there are two key ways in which Azure can boost profitability. These are by ‘offering you a recurring revenue opportunity and by increasing your margins’.

Increase your profitability
This is in line with the results found by Tarsus on Demand, which is that the Azure consumption model is far more profitable over the long term as it allows for ongoing expansion of workload and value-added services.

Partners that have migrated to Azure have seen double their growth, increasing both profit and scalability. As customers realise the potential of being able to scale their cloud resources as their needs require, so their usage of the platform grows. That consistent growth in usage translates into a robust return on investment for customers and increased profits for partners.

Tarsus on Demand can help you to make the move to Azure as simple as possible, taking it app by app and managing client expectation and concern along the way.

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