Tarsus On Demand named Mimecast’s Technical Excellence Partner of the Year 2022

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Mimecast F22 Partner Award Winner

Date: June 2022

Tarsus On Demand (TOD) is the proud recipient of Mimecast’s Technical Excellence Partner of the Year award for 2022. 

Following the Mimecast Managed Services Partner of the Year award in 2021, the company won the 2022 award based on its exemplary levels of technical proficiency and customer assistance.


Mimecast is recognised by analysts and customers as one of the world’s top e-mail security and cyber resilience companies. The company’s partner awards celebrate top performing regional partners that have demonstrated outstanding technical proficiency and commercial performance when it comes to implementation of Mimecast’s capabilities.

“The award speaks to the quality of Mimecast solutions that TOD provides to partners and their end users, as well as our level of commitment and service,” says Virodh Sunderlall, product marketing manager: Mimecast at Tarsus On Demand. 


“Our approach is to always evaluate the customer requirements and look for the problems that need solving. As a trusted advisor, our aim is to advise customers correctly, steer them in the right direction, and provide the right solution for email security, continuity and archiving to simplify email management, and to achieve that quickly and easily across a range of platforms.”


TOD’s implementation of Mimecast solutions is carried out by a team of highly skilled Mimecast-certified technical experts. The company has far surpassed the number of certifications required by Mimecast, adding to its extensive expertise. 


The highly experienced team understands how to roll out collaborative solutions to protect organisations and employees from malware, spam, zero-day attacks and more by combining applications and policies with multiple detection engines and intelligence feeds to keep sophisticated attackers out.


“The level of support we provide for our resellers and their customers is also testimony to our level of technical excellence because that is how we maintain repeat business,” adds Sunderlall. “Although we have multiple competitors in the market, we have a large partner base that has easy access to Mimecast solutions through TOD.”


Sunderlall adds that TOD’s innovative pricing models have made it possible for businesses of all sizes and affordability brackets to access enterprise-level email solutions from Mimecast, whether they opt for annual or monthly subscriptions. That is what won TOD the Mimecast Managed Services Partner of the Year award in 2021. 


“We listened to customers and removed barriers to affordability,” he says. “It’s a unique value proposition that is tailored to meeting business needs in a tough economic environment.”


Sunderlall adds that the award is a great acknowledgment of the technical capabilities by the Tarsus On Demand team, and highlights the team’s independence as a Mimecast partner.


“Everyone across the business has contributed to this win by becoming certified and continues to work around the clock to deliver excellence on this product,” he concludes.


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