Pilot Workshop Helps Narrow Digital Divide for Township Tech SMMEs

Mpho Nyembe - Program Manager - Pilot Workshop Manager

Date: December 2022

By: Mpho Nyembe, Brand and Program Manager, Tarsus On Demand 


The pilot workshop has proven to be a resounding success as part of an inaugural series of free, day-long workshops focusing on business skills training for small businesses in Alexandra, Soweto, and Tembisa.


Mpho Nyembe, Brand & Program Manager at Tarsus On Demand, co-sponsor of the event said that she was excited to learn more about how digital transformation can be used to help township-based Tech SMMEs grow, especially since township SMMEs have enormous potential to drive growth and create jobs in South Africa.

Justine Grimmer, Programme Lead of the SAtion ecosystem, the not-for-profit digitalisation company that drives and lead the project, added that many of the township SMMEs find it difficult to access the data and resources they need to make informed business decisions, optimise costs, drive innovation and reach customers.


“That’s why it is important for us to work with Tarsus On Demand and Microsoft to equip SMMEs with practical, actionable advice about how they can streamline management of their businesses and grow revenue through opportunities created by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). By helping them to thrive, we can create a more prosperous future,” said Grimmer.


Topics Included:

• Business strategy – developing a vision, mission, and strategic priorities
• Go-to-market strategy – business development and sales
• Finance – creating the perfect financial strategy
• Marketing – the importance of a social media presence
• Modern work collaboration tools


Guest speaker Maesela David Dikobo from TaxiPay, a smartphone app that allows consumers to digitally pay taxi fares and buy from informal traders, gave an insightful talk on the ups and downs of starting a township business.


SAtion and Tarsus on Demand are aiming to hold Tech Township SMME Development workshops every quarter. SMMEs which were not selected to attend the pilot workshop will be invited to attend a future event, depending on whether their businesses meet the required selection criteria.


“Township SMMEs are poised to grow the South African economy and create additional employment opportunities,” said Nyembe. “We are committed to helping them break down the obstacles entrepreneurs face and we aim to equip them with the resources they need to thrive in the digital economy.”

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