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Jessica Kruger

Date: September 2021

By: Jessica Kruger, Product Marketing Manager, Tarsus On Demand 

Organisations of all sizes have benefited from the transition to remote and hybrid work. Companies all across the globe have had to reconsider their communication strategies. 

Over a million businesses across the world are currently utilizing Microsoft 365 to improve team communication and collaboration. 

Why Microsoft 365 

While the shift to remote work has helped many businesses accelerate their digital transformation journey, a more sustainable hybrid workplace that combines remote work and physical offices is still needed. 

This is where Microsoft 365 and Teams come in. 

When it comes to communications, there is a wide range of requirements to link employees across geographies and time zones, from the workplace to the main office to the home office. 

The range begins with simple face-to-face meetings and phone conversations among colleagues, progressing to bigger group gatherings, and finally to huge events and conferences. 

Organisations looking to drive a more sustainable transition to remote work are turning to Microsoft Teams. Teams fulfills communications requirements well beyond group meetings, pushing communications to the next level. 

It has assisted many organisations to modernise their communication and collaboration efforts with a cloud-based system in the same Teams app that maintains a great communication flow. 

Today Microsoft Teams has 250 million daily active professionals. 

Moving with the times 

The future is remote work. As a result, advanced and innovative technologies to fulfill customer’s requirements are in high demand. Customers expect their team members to be able to communicate effectively. That’s exactly what Microsoft Teams can do. Your customers can easily communicate with your workers, customers, and partners using Teams. 

Give your customers what they need 

As your organisation grows and finds its way around the new normal of remote work, we want to provide you with a solution that will ensure that you can cater to your customer communication and collaboration needs.  

We acknowledge that each of your customers is at a different point in their digital transformation journey. And you want to offer them a solution that will be simple, secure, and convenient to implement. For more information reach out to the Tarsus On Demand team.  

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