Tarsus On Demand marketplace accelerates digitalisation for channel partners, SMBs

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Jessica Harvey

Date: November 2022

By: Jessica Harvey, Business Unit Manager, Tarsus On Demand 

Tarsus On Demand, the cloud aggregation and enablement company in the Tarsus Technology Group, launched a business solutions marketplace earlier this year to help its channel partners and their small and medium business customers accelerate their digital transformation programmes. The marketplace offers small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) a comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions that help them scale and digitalise their businesses.

The marketplace brings together a networked alliance of IT resellers, independent software vendor (ISVs) and other companies that offer industry and business solutions that help SMBs fast-track digital adoption. In addition to hosting solutions from the Tarsus On Demand channel, the marketplace is open to any technology company with a cloud solution that answers a market need for SMBs.

The OECD* cites the lack of information and awareness, digital skills gaps and insufficient capital to finance the transformation as the biggest barriers to digital transformation for SMBs worldwide. Tarsus On Demand aims to break down these barriers by offering a single platform and marketplace that aggregates as-a-service solutions tailored to the needs of the smaller businesses.


“According to the International Finance Corporation, small enterprises employ between 50% and 60% of South Africa’s workforce and contribute around 34% of GDP. Integrating SMBs into the digital economy is key to unlocking their potential and helping them to grow,” says Jessica Harvey, business unit manager at Tarsus On Demand.


“Yet, all too many SMBs are still excluded from digitalisation opportunities due to a lack of financing, poor access to appropriate solutions or a lack of in-house technology skills. Our goal is to empower our channel partners to solve those problems and enable them to cooperate and to provide appropriate and affordable solutions to their end-user communities.”



Curated business solutions

The Tarsus On Demand marketplace curates a selection of cloud and as-a-service business solutions that range from billing and payments to firewall, payroll and human resources. It also offers a range of industry solutions for verticals such as e-commerce, gaming, healthcare, real estate, general business, fintech and manufacturing. This facilitates connections between partners that may not have otherwise found each other, or what Tarsus on Demand terms, “the unlikely connection”.



Validated business solutions

Tarsus On Demand validates the product-market fit of every solution it adds to the marketplace to ensure that it solves an SMB pain point in an effective manner. Tarsus partners can easily add any of these offerings to their portfolios, enabling them to offer simpler and more complete solutions to their customers and to add new revenue streams.



Automated business solutions

End-to-end automation on the Tarsus On Demand cloud platform makes it simple for a reseller or business solution provider to offer products and services to its customers from its own interface. In the background, the Tarsus On Demand platform takes care of automated ordering, provisioning and invoicing. Resellers can expand their offering based on their existing commercial agreements with Tarsus On Demand.



Boosting SME productivity

Says Harvey: “Digitalisation of South Africa’s SMBs is essential for expanding our economy and improving inclusion. We are excited to work with our partners to close the digital exclusion gap for SMBs, so that they can boost their productivity and improve efficiencies by using cloud-based solutions to modernise their operations.”

*The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OEDC) is an intergovernmental organisation with 38 member countries.

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