Business Accelerating Skills: Equipping Township Entrepreneurs for Growth

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Business - Tarsus On Demand - Mpho Nyembe

Date: November 2021

By: Mpho Nyembe, Program and Brand Manager 

Tarsus On Demand is driving digital transformation among township entrepreneurs through partnering with the Kagiso township-based NPO – Pathway To Your Dreams – to help equip the local entrepreneurs with the necessary skillsets to accelerate their business growth.

Pathway To Your Dreams is an NPO that was formed in 2017 and operates at the Kagiso Youth Development Centre. Their entrepreneurship programs are designed to equip the entrepreneurs with the skills and resources to enable them to take advantage of the enterprise and supplier development programs of the private and public sectors.

“We are currently recruiting and working with entrepreneurs in the retail space and gearing them to supply the likes of Mr. Price and Truworths” – says Thomas Ngubane, Director at Pathway To Your Dreams.

The program is open to entrepreneurs around the area who are in different stages of their journey. Currently, the program has 30 entrepreneurs enrolled.

“We don’t have qualifying requirements, but we work with entrepreneurs who have started on their journey, some have registered companies and are operating, and others are still at the ideation stage, and we help them along the journey,” says Thomas Ngubane.

Tarsus On Demand and Tarsus Distribution involvement

Tarsus On Demand has been part of the program since August 2021, to drive digital transformation in the township and in the process create social impact and shared value for the community.

“At Tarsus, we strongly believe in the spirit of ‘umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu’ (a person is a person through/because of others). As such we strive to provide opportunities for our people to meaningfully engage society at large so we can live out our purpose – to make a lasting difference by realising the potential of our people. To do this, we pursue relationships with like-minded people” says Senzo Mbhele, Head of Employee Experience and Innovation, Tarsus Technology Group.

From the onset, we realised that the vision of the Youth Development leadership, their passion, and outlook were fully aligned with ours. Along with LIV Lanseria, we are in the process of formulating strategies to engage the surrounding communities with holistic and sustainable developmental interventions. It truly is an exciting time, Senzo adds.

Equipping entrepreneurs with growth skills

Mpho Nyembe, Program and Brand Manager at Tarsus On Demand has been actively involved with the program through hosting digital marketing workshops with the entrepreneurs.

“Some of the topics covered are how to build customer persona, which digital platforms to use, and why and the importance of copy and brand,” says Mpho.

Mpho also highlights that this will assist to increase the start-up’s performance, marketing capabilities, sales, and building a stronger brand for their business.

With the program we hope to enable digital economic opportunities for township entrepreneurs and a proper understanding and effective use of digital technology for economic growth, says Mpho.

Partner with us at Tarsus On Demand

Tarsus On Demand offers a range of benefits to its partners, such as technical support, access to best-of-breed cloud technologies, and a platform that simplifies cloud management and billing. By partnering with Tarsus On Demand, you can leverage our technical, marketing, and sales expertise, relationships, and resources to grow your cloud business and deliver value to your customers.