Tarsus On Demand promotes collective cybersecurity resilience

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Othelo Vieira

Date: November 2023


By: Tarsus On Demand 


At its Cyber Security Awareness event on October 26, Tarsus On Demand showcased a modern strategy for cybersecurity: The necessity of a collective, ecosystem-based defence.


The event, featuring insightful presentations from leading vendors including ESET, Acronis, Mimecast, Microsoft, emphasised the seamless integration of these premier security products within Tarsus On Demand’s portfolio of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.  


Cyber threats magnify in complexity and volume, taking a proactive and more holistic approach to cybersecurity is critical to safeguarding organisational resilience. Through strategic collaborations with leading channel vendors, including Acronis, Microsoft, Mimecast, and ESET, Tarsus On Demand offers a fortified security stack that can be tailored into robust, bespoke solutions.

“Cybersecurity is not a stationary target; it evolves just as rapidly as the technology around it,” says Othelo Vieira, Technical Product Manager Lead at Tarsus On Demand. “Our role is not just as a solution provider but a trusted advisor. We harness our partnerships and collective expertise to craft a security strategy that speaks to the specific demands and operational intricacies of each business.”

“Tarsus On Demand recognises that cybersecurity needs are diverse, fluctuating based on an organisation’s industry, size, and the nature of the threats they encounter. The amalgamation of distinct security services from providers specialising in antivirus, disaster recovery, email security, and cloud services cultivates a multifaceted defence mechanism. This integrated approach mitigates the risks associated with single-point security solutions, providing a 360-degree protective layer around an organisation’s digital assets.” Vieira adds.

As a result of a complex threat landscape, there is a shift from isolated cybersecurity solutions to a more well-rounded, ecosystem-oriented strategy. This approach underscores the significance of best practices and collective expertise in developing a solid cybersecurity framework.

“A single layer of defence is simply not sufficient to mitigate today’s cyber threats and certainly not enough to guarantee an organisation’s long-term resilience,” Vieira adds. “This is the reason Tarsus On Demand advocates for an ecosystem approach, combining advanced solutions and industry expertise to establish strong security systems and a security-first mindset. It’s about staying ahead, anticipating the threats, and empowering the market to do the same.”

By embracing Tarsus On Demand’s forward-thinking methodology, businesses safeguard their present and fortify their future. “Having the flexibility to adapt and change security solutions as needed is crucial. Combining services from multiple providers allows businesses to adjust their security strategies as requirements change. We see this as a continuous journey alongside partners to secure a competitive advantage in a digital-first world,” notes Vieira.

ESET, Acronis, Mimecast, and Microsoft each brings a unique strength to the holistic cybersecurity framework, presenting best-in-class solutions that contribute to a depth of defence unachievable by standalone products.

ESET is renowned for its proactive antivirus solutions, while Acronis leads in innovative cyber protection and disaster recovery, ensuring organisational continuity. Equally, Mimecast’s email security systems are crucial in an era where email breaches are one of the world’s most common threat vectors. In addition, Microsoft’s Modern Workplace and Azure services introduce rigorous cloud security measures, an area often vulnerable to breaches. The combination of these top-tier solutions within Tarsus On Demand’s offering amplifies a multi-layered defence strategy, significantly reducing the risk profiles of client organisations.

Tarsus On Demand’s alliance with leading technology vendors underscores our commitment to offering adaptable, robust, and cutting-edge security solutions. The collaboration not only improves organisations’ security posture but also ensures they can keep up with emerging threats. This is indispensable for ensuring business continuity, data integrity, and overall resilience.

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